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TMEIC(JAPAN) O3 Generator
TMEIC(JAPAN) O3 Generator

OP-H/OG-H Series

ALD/CVD Machine Ozone Generator New High Purity Ozone Generators of TMEIC consume only O2 gas as raw material. It prevents praticle generation and corrosion by NOX Gas. New High Purity Ozone Generators is applicable on ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) System.

Features - Generation of ultra-high concentration ozone gas by adopting the nitrogen non-adding method The development of unique construction electroduce has achieved the top-class ultra-high concentration of 400g/m3(N) maximum in the industry. - Restriction in generation of metal contaminant by adopting the nitrogen non-adding method It is possible for clean ozone gas (of which notrogen oxide generation is restricted to its ultimate limit*1) to maintain the desired quality for furthermore miniaturizing pattern, and to enhance the film quality. - Succession of unique ultra-short gap discharge technology The generator of this type has succeeded the ultra-short gap discharge Technology having execellent start-up characteristic, stability and cooling efficiency. - Compatible to international standard Compliance with CE marking and SEMI-S2.

Section OP-250H/OP-250P OP-500H
Gas Flow(L/min) 10 20
O3 Concentration(g/㎥) 300/250 300/250
Dimension(WxDxH) 600x817x1850 600x817x2150
Weight 300 390
*Cooling water Temperature: 18~22℃

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