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Scrubbing Roller


Excellent effect in particle removal The AION Brush Roller has protuberances with superfine pores of circa 150㎛ on their suface and with their suppleness and softness peculiar to PVA sponge, efficiently removes particles without dam-aging the scubbed surfaces. PVA SCL Brush Roller application They are widely received as scrubbing materials for precision electronic components. Also, AION meets highly sophisticated needs by a new product line including SCL grade which allow very small defree of elution.

No. Outer dia. Outer dia.(body) Inner dia. Length
1 32mm 25mm 12mm 250mm
2 38mm 31mm 18mm 350mm
3 48mm 40mm 26mm 350mm
4 60mm 51mm 32mm 350mm
5 70mm 60mm 32mm 350mm
6 76mm 67mm 26mm 500mm
7 89mm 77mm 26mm 500mm
8 106mm 94mm 60mm 500mm
* Please Contact us about detail information
- BS-402-1 (AMAT LK 300mm)
- BS-102-1 (EBARA F*REX 300mm)
- BS-352-0 (On-Track 200mm)
- BS-401-0 (AMAT 200mm)
- BS-101-0, CS003 (EBARA 200mm)
- FS-101-0 (Auriga-EC 200mm)
- CS-001/002 (IPEC-776)
Absorption Roller

AION PVA Roller Series

PVA Absorption Roller Features - Scrubbing and dehydration of plate, curved and other glass products - Scrubbing and dehydration of precsion electronic devices such as - LCD substrate, Printed circuit boards, Lead frames, Photomasks, etc. - Scrubbing and dehydration of Plastic films plates.

Standard dimensions
A:Outer dia. B:Inner dia.(Approx. Inner. or PVA core) C:Length D:Length of PVA core
40 22(16) 500~600 Sponge Length
50 26(20) 500~600
60 26(20) 500~800
67 26(20), 32(25) 500~800
77 32(25), 38(31), 48(40) 500~1,000
100 48(40), 60(51) 500~1,200
125 76(67), 89(77) 500~1,500
194 89(77) 500~2,000
240 165(146) 500~2,000
* Dimensions listed above are only a part of our standard dimention. Please consult us about the size you desire.
PVA Material Data

PVA Material Data

PVA Material Features

Material Polyvinyl alcohol
Porosity(%) 85~95
Average pore diameter(㎛) 120~180
Apparant density(g/㎤) 0.07~0.11
Water absorption(wt%) 650~1,350
Chemical Resistance
Chemicals Concentration Determination  (O : Applicable  X : Not Applicable)
Sulfuric acid 5%> O O
Hydrochloric acid 3%> O O
Nitric acid 1%> O O
Phosphoric acid 5%> O O
Acetic acid 1%> O O
Hydrofluoric acid 5%> O O
Oxalic acid 5%> O O
Citric acid 10%> O O
Hydrogen peroxide 5%> O O
Sodium hydroxide 5%> O O
Ammonium hydroxide 10%> O O
Methanol 30~90% X X
Ethanol 20~90% X X
Isopropanol 10~85% X X
Phenol X X
Ether O O
Ethyl acetate O O
Acetone 20~90% X X
Methyl ethyl ketone O X
Toluene O O
Xylene O O
Tetrahydrofuran O O
Mineral oil O O
Animal and vegetable oils, fats O O

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